About Guardian Angels

For most of us the thought of having a terminally ill child is unimaginable but for some New Zealanders it is their harsh and heart breaking reality.

In 2004 Helen Jackson, Leanne Hegan, and Anna Ross established Guardian Angels in response to identifying a very critical need in our community for support of families who not only have a terminally ill child but are also financially disadvantaged. Many families find that they are suddenly thrust into the poverty level when a parent (or both) needs to leave work to care for their sick child.

While we cannot change the medical diagnosis we can help with ensuring that families stay fed, clothed and that bills are paid. Guardian Angels provides immediate assistance at the “grass roots” level. Food, power, petrol and phone are the main priorities and other small requests are looked at on an individual basis.

To help families in need please click “Support Our Work” to make a donation.

Remember that Guardian Angels has no administration costs so 100% of all donations go to helping the families in need.

Thank you for your support.