Updates from us

Posted by: Helen on December 18, 2011

Updates from us

The past year saw an increase in the number of children diagnosed with incurable illnesses. Jess, the social worker from Starship who we work closely with, reports that the beginning of this year has seen a further increase in the number of children the team are caring for.

Sadly, along with that increase in numbers, there has also been an increase in the numbers of children who have died as a result of their primary illnesses and our hearts are go out to the families in our communities who have to adjust to life without their precious children. Equally, our sympathy is extended to the children and families who have been affected by the tragic events of Pike River and Christchurch. We understand that the people of New Zealand have given swiftly and generously to support the work of rebuilding these communities. Such a huge response to Pike River and Christchurch makes the Guardian Angels’ Trustees really grateful for the continued support we receive from our donors.

Over Christmas the generous donation of hams, frozen chickens and non perishable food from various companies made an enormous difference to our families and their ability to cope.

To be able to put some chickens in the freezer for later is such a bonus for many of our families who are forced to live hand to mouth.

Christmas time also saw us able to give parents vouchers to be able to play “Santa” for all of the children in their family. These vouchers went to current families and also to some of our bereaved families as well.

While the focus of our work is at the grass roots level, one of our donors gifted a trip to Sydney that they had bought at an auction to one of our families. Mum, dad plus their sick baby spent a wonderful few days away in January and the last sentence of her email says it all

“So once again thank you so so much for giving us a lovely break, a rejuvenating time for us as a couple, and most of all a wonderful adventure and memory with Reuben.”

Jess continues to visit families armed with supermarket vouchers which she distributes carefully but ensuring that none of our families go hungry. This is one of the biggest aspects of our giving and an area that we really would like to build on as we can afford to. We all know that the $ seems to buy less and less.

Listening to the social worker talk, the Trustees of Guardian Angels are mindful that in the midst of the recent national events there are children and families in our local communities who face their own personal sorrow without huge amounts of support. It is our wish that we can continue to show these families that they live amongst a community that cares about them. Again, our thanks to all of you for whatever level of support you are able to give Guardian Angels.